We take Diversity and Corporate Social responsibility very seriously. We believe strongly in the development and maintaining of a culturally diverse workforce, and the nurturing of talent through providing opportunities for graduates through our market-leading training program. We also strive to take conscious steps to be more aware of the social and environmental affects of our business. At the forefront of this philosophy we are proud members of “1% For The Planet“, an alliance of businesses that understands the necessity of protecting our natural environment and is concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.
Our consultants are experts in their markets. We provide the best candidates for the role – not just the best active candidates – we are dedicated to providing our clients with access to “passive” candidates through proactive headhunting. We pride ourselves on finding the best “fit” as well as profile and conduct in-depth face-to-face personality and fit based interviews with all candidates before submission. We ensure an excellent customer service throughout the process by signing service levels agreements with our clients, providing progress updates as well as training and rewarding our staff not just on delivery but also on ensuring the client has the best possible customer experience.
We aim to become trusted and valued partners to our clients. To achieve this, our approach is designed to place a firm emphasis on client service far beyond the sourcing of talent. Market intelligence is a cornerstone of our business, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver up to date, accurate information to our clients on key market trends, potential growth areas and competitor analysis. The greater visibility on the market we provide, allows our clients to take a more strategic approach to workforce planning.